The Clery Act, the Violence Against Women Act and Title IX  ̶  Implications for Education Abroad. Topics to be discussed include: Where do the federal obligations intersect? Where and how do they differ? What are our obligations with respect to these Acts? How do we build a culture of reporting and compliance when incidents occur thousands of miles away? Experts from The Forum and NACUA will provide answers and respond to questions. This course specifically addresses implications for education abroad.

Are your education abroad programs and practices in line with the Standards of Good Practice? The Standards provide a means to assess all areas of education abroad programming and offer guidance in how to ensure quality in areas such as academic programming, student conduct, resources and personnel and policies and procedures. Using the Standards as a guide, the workshop trainers will assist the participants to examine their own capabilities at their respective universities or organizations.

Wondering how to align your resources with your mission? Do you ever think about how The Code of Ethics applies to what you do every day in your position? This workshop focuses on Mission, Ethics, and The Code of Ethics for Education Abroad, to assist education abroad professionals in connecting these Standards. Participants will discuss the importance of mission and ethics in the field, and will delve deeply into The Code of Ethics by understanding its history and application through a variety of case studies.

Are you trying to figure out how to align your organization’s policies with the resources available, all according to best practices? This workshop provides the answers you need by focusing on Policies and Procedures (Standard 6) and the Organizational and Program resources (Standard 7). Through discussion and analysis of specific case studies participants will explore how these two Standards can assist an organization in attaining more effective use of resources through the proper implementation of policies.

Looking for ways to assess your health and safety protocols?  The Standards of Good Practice workshop, with a focus on Health, Safety, Security and Risk Management (Standard 8) can provide you with the tools you need to do just that.  After examining the data available (including the Forum’s Critical Incident Database), workshop participants will consider how this specific Standard works in conjunction with the other Standards to guide programs in developing a solid risk management plan. Participants will practice applying three different approaches to risk management as they discuss actual case studies from the field.

Wrestling with how to bring into line the best academic intentions with a meaningful education abroad experience? This workshop focuses on Student Learning, Development and the Academic Framework for Education Abroad and will help you to identify the resources and design programming to assist in this effort.  Through simulations involving specific examples, participants will address critical issues often introduced by colleagues in higher education

Is your office struggling with the best ways to prepare your students to get the most out of their education abroad experience? This workshop focuses on Student Selection, Preparation, Code of Conduct and Returning Support and will help you to identify resources and design programming to assist in this effort. Time will be devoted to the presentation and explanation of a comprehensive judicial screening process. Participants will critically examine different preparation and returning support models and will develop strategies to improve upon them so that they might be useful in their specific context.